What to Expect

We customize for your swimmer. Here’s what to expect.

Water Adjustment

This beginning level is intended for children who are just beginning their aquatic experiences. The objective is to help children feel comfortable in the water with parents, other children, and instructors.

This class will primarily involve structured play with toys to help make the water a “fun” place to interact with others and learn new skills.

Primary Skills

This intermediate level is intended for children who have had previous lessons or have reached a state of “readiness” for development of fundamental swimming skills.

Children will learn to float without support, recover to a vertical position, front and back locomotion skills (kicking and pulling), and breathing. A primary goal will be to develop the skill of jumping from the side of the pool and returning to the pool wall. Pool rules, self-help and rescue skills will be reviewed.

Stroke Development

The objective of this advanced level is to improve existing skills by providing additional instruction at a more advanced level. The primary focus will be to improve the student’s freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke technique.

Students will receive instruction on the competitive strokes of breaststroke and butterfly as their skills improve. Students will also become more familiar with basic lifesaving skills and techniques.